innovative hingeless titanium design. m.

nendo brings a new vision to major japanese eyewear retail shop megane-ichiba‘s feature product ‘zerogra’ — a name derived from ‘zero gravity’. characterized by a moulded form of curved thin titanium plates, ‘zerogra’ has no hinges on either side resulting in eyeglasses that are lightweight and offer extreme wearability. but on the contrary, as a result of its single-body construction, the frame does not fold inwards, thus making the specs and their accompany case bulky. to enhance the practicality of ‘zerogra’, nendo has introduced a reverse-hinge, enabling the frame to naturally fold inwards. however, just merely doing this would result in excessive stress concentration on a singular point, and the frame would not meet the strength standard of the company; which is to endure 20,000 repetitions of opening and closing. to resolve this issue, nendo has incorporated two slits around the reverse-hinge structure which enable the load to be evenly distributed over the entire frame. these enhancements bring forth in a design that remains compact when not in use, as well as improving wearability, while still maintaining a high level of strength.

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