beautiful design! miami is really doing some innovative progressive projects. proud to call it my latest home city! m.

“The construction of the water cube uses traditional steel structure and the not so traditional cladding of water. The water cladding is achieved with small reservoirs made of structural Plexiglas along the edge of the structure and laying flat across the top of the structure. These reservoirs are constantly being filled with pumps that bring water up from the bay and keeping water constantly flowing over the edge. Before the shows as the seating fills what the viewer observes is a perfect water cube that seems to be a fountain in the bay. At the times indicated, certain sides of the reservoirs will be dammed and no water will flow over that particular side leaving an opening in the water cube. Just as a traditional curtain in a theater opens revealing the stage setting, the wall or curtain of water parts and recedes to expose the stage setting and the performers.

These can all be coordinated and choreographed to enhance the performance just like any other curtain made of traditional materials. The outer edge of the “elevated pond” has a substantially deeper reservoir that creates an inner pocket of space for lighting and stage equipment to be placed in. As in the traditional theater, the source of lights and effects can be hidden above the performers using the pocket between the reservoirs. The effects of light moving through the pond water and onto the performers can also be manipulated by placing opaque plastic sheets at the bottom of the reservoir and blocking the light where desired.”

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House in Kisami by Florian Busch Architects