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When it comes to starting a side project (or a “project” project), ironing out early ideas and evaluating them ahead of time — rather than just jumping in — can mean the difference between a hugely successful venture or a massive major headache further down the road. Unfortunately, moving productively through this brainstorming process and staying inspired isn’t always as simple as it seems.

Aiming to help guide makers and design entrepreneurs through the idea hatching process, the Hatch Notebook is a new design tool that helps take ideas from concept to reality with a structured brainstorming system.

“We came up with this idea about a year ago and started using a basic version to organize our own ideas,” says co-creator Liz Downey. “We quickly found that having one place for all our ideas helped us generate more ideas and make connections that we wouldn’t have otherwise. Also, we found that just the act of writing down an idea made it more real and helped us stay committed.”

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