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Opaline is the new collaboration between director and producer, Roger Spy, leading hairstylist Johanna Cree Brown and prize winning makeup artist, Joseph Harwood. The 2 min stylised beauty piece is a the result of an on-going study into the reflection of light upon human hair and the emerging aesthetics. Shot in high definition, starring models Valerie Van der Graaf and Dioni Tabbers, the video is enhanced by rich graphics and soft focus, filmic 60’s new wave psychedelia liquid lights, that bathe our flower power girls as they innocently gyrate in slow motion to Yoko Ono’s seminal tune, You and I. Its looped chorus, ‘Just turned nine, we’re both fine You and I, You and I’ …creating the perfect pink sunrise, bubble narrative for a snappy yet immersive trip into Spy, Brown and Harwood’s dreamy retro-futuristic world right up until the final credits…

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Green Invasion by G Alva, C Ampuero, D Ampuero & G Rojas