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TRS workshop proposes low-cost and comfortable housing for the ‘pesquero II’ settlement, located in the peruvian town of pachacutec. the project, named ‘ventanilla module’ after the ventanilla district which the town belongs to, has been envisioned using a modular prototype which intends to house a family of four. as the design aims not to impose too much on the land, the structure uses prefabrication and shipping containers to provide a non-invasive construction type.

after meticulous study of existing housing types in the region, TRS resolved to use two large shipping containers at the base of the structure, spanning 8 meters x 15 meters. with no foundations or costly building materials, the containers provide a material that is lower in cost and easier to maintain. this scheme also aims to reduce construction time, meaning the prototype could be built quickly in cases of natural disaster when families require more urgent shelter.

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Kral Galery, Chile by Tironi Bartlau