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Writing is an unending dialogue that has been connecting one generation to another, maintaining history, culture, and information. For the National Museum of World Writing, stories were built rather than written.

Just as writing transcends the author to another realms, SAMOO Architects and Engineers have proposed ‘PAGES’, a structure of architecturally-devised scripts that disconnects visitors from the outer world, and introduces them to an exceptional architectural narration.

The 16,424 sqm proposal for the National Museum of World Writing (NMWW) intends to create a mediation space which links “people to people, people to museum, and museum to the site, just as how writing & pages have bridged together the past, present, and future”.

The project is located in Incheon-si, South Korea, on the edge of a land between the central park and the condensed cityscape. The visual and spatial contradictions between the park’s horizontal landscape and monolithic verticality of buildings inspired the architects to develop a structure that merges both characteristics together.

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