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living in hawaii once again … fantastic list! m.

It’s not a secret that surfers can be territorial. Ask for tips on the best spots from any local in surf centers across the globe, and it wouldn’t be uncommon to be met with a knowing grin and relative silence. Hawaii, the birthplace of surf and in many ways its heart, isn’t much different. Still, if you talk to the right people, you will find generous openness and key information.

We spoke to pros and Kama’ainas (Hawaiian for locals) to get the inside tip on the top surfing beaches across the islands. Graham Ezzy is a Maui-bred professional windsurfer who has been competing on a world-class level since just after he turned 14. Daniel Jones, a North Shore native, comes from a legendary family of surfers (his brother is also a pro) and spent 20 years sponsored for performance shortboards. He shapes beautiful 60s and 70s design-influenced custom boards as the founder of Jones Surfboards. James Stone and Reed Dolman are beloved Oahu-raised surfers who put serious time on both the South and North Shores.

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