sharp light installation! m.

Austrian arts collective Neon Golden has created an immersive light installation that mimics the movements of fireflies.

Swarm features over 1,000 LEDs hung on wires from an overhead metal grid and arranged in a series of 40 modules throughout a dark space.

The lights use motion-sensing technology, controlled by Arduino and Raspberry Pi hardware, to replicate the motion of fireflies. The LEDs change position horizontally in response to the movements of nearby visitors.

The changing direction of the lights is based on coding used in the Boids software created by artificial-life simulation pioneer Craig Reynolds, which recreates the flocking and separation patterns of birds.

The piece made its debut at the Olympus Photography Playground in Vienna in February 2015 and attracted thousands of visitors. The space also hosted a performance from dancer Máté Czakó, which was choreographed and directed by Stefan Kainbacher.

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