clever design to handle the city and rural life — impecable detailing too from the stockholm based studio. m.

just as the kronan was influenced by a classic, people people has drawn inspiration from old swedish post and delivery bikes. this is partly because of its heritage of simple robustness, but also because the need of ‘transporting things on a bicycle’ remains hugely important in a modern city context. the move from the old countryside to the city also requires a brief spell of adapting to the streets. the studio has combined a robust construction with a sleek, light-weight frame and super-slim racing tires, optimized for the agility and speed needed in a city.

another issue to be solved was the problem with bike locks. people need to buy a separate, expensive and often clumsy bike lock or chain in order to not have their bikes stolen, and then need to find a way to bring it with them on their ride. many people have the locks dangling from the handlebar, some carry chains over their shoulders, and others have to put a many times dirty lock into their bags. people people wanted to get rid of this clumsiness and has designed an integrated bike lock that can fold out from the front basket, locking the bike in the front wheel or even around a city lamp post, fence or similar. the old kronan bikes offered a clever detail in the shape of a bike pump compartment, with this solution the studio aims to continue this heritage.

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