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when robots have evolved so far that we feel like they’re alive, then humans will begin to feel an affinity towards them,’ thinks sony. at milan design week 2019, the technology brand’s immersive exhibition enables visitors to experience and interact with robotics. titled ‘affinity in autonomy’, it explores and proposes how technology can enrich our lifestyle by creating emotional bonds between ourselves and robotics.

since setting up their own in-house creative studio in 1961, sony’s designers have sought to do what has never been done before. they fill the world with emotion through the power of creativity and technology, transforming functional values into experiences with their products and services. as part of their ‘perceptual experience project’, these innovations enable entertainment and creates an enriched lifestyle for a new tomorrow. an emphasis is always placed not only on convenience, but also sensitivity and emotion – all of which is felt in their ‘affinity in autonomy’ exhibition.

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