stellar lighting + architecture + interiors! m.

The site is located at the side of an elevated highway near Haneda Airport. It The pace is at the corner defined by the crossing of two roads. The neighborhood townscape doesn’t show any continuity.

The architecture is composed of the closed space to catch silence. In a rectangular box is divided by two slits. The interval between those parts leads the air, the wind and the light into the office itself. To ensure an effective internal space, while respecting the legislative outline of the allowed building volume ; the ceiling’s height of the top floor is higher on the west side than the east one for the one no particular rule exist. Not only to be functional, but in order to give to the place some complexity, the inside and the outside spaces have been carefully thought out. The parking and the delivery areas are on the west side of the site. The road side provide tree plantations, adding to the surroundings some green space.

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Abbey Lee Kershaw for Vogue Russia by Hedi Slimane