classic design — reminiscent of the eames lounge with a thinner profile. m.

The name of this piece — Shrimp Armchair, designed by Jehs+Laub for Cor — is quite fitting for its aesthetic. Looking as though it belongs twenty years into the future, this armchair envelops your body as you sit in its sleek, curving cushions.

The plywood is bent into a peculiar shape, molded into its final form due to the slight gaps in between each flap. Overall, I am mesmerized by Shrimp Armchair’s reductionism. Its elegant form is smooth, continuous, and flowing. Although several materials were used in its production, each provide an unobtrusive addition to the chair’s characteristic. The leather looks as though it sinks directly into the plywood, while the entire structure sits a top a beautifully minimal four-pronged support.

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Interactive Paper Sculpture by Visual Editions