some creative design solutions by the likes of libeskind, fujimoto + lenny kravitz. m.

revolution is a collection of limited edition properties, ranging from functional pavilions to modular homes. the project — conceived by real estate developer robbie antonio — unites creatives such as daniel libeskind, sou fujimoto, and lenny kravitz to create a series of prefabricated, livable spaces. through the use of cutting-edge technology and cost-efficient production systems, the scheme seeks to democratize architecture by introducing designed spaces in exclusive collaboration with industry leading creatives. each pavilion and home is individually branded by its designer’s personal concept of spatial form and social function. the series was launched last year at design miami, with a prefabricated dining pavilion by zaha hadid taking center stage. read more on each of the designs below.

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Modpods: A System of MIDI Controllers by Andrew Walla