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“When it comes to design methods, ‘one size fits all’ is the thinking that colonizes our work—that’s what we need to challenge.”

By Allison FonderJuly 26

Designer Pupul Bisht entered her graduate program at OCAD in Toronto to obtain a masters in design and left with a mission. Since finishing her thesis on decolonizing futures using design (in which she developed one of the first and only non-western foresight, or future studies, methods), Bisht has taken what she learned in her extensive research using storytelling as a means to reframing future scenarios and has traveled the world to help others learn from her findings.

During her recent talk at PRIMER Conference in New York City in June, she discussed how she laid the groundwork for the Decolonizing Futures Initiative she founded, the research that is still ongoing, and why storytelling is such an excellent vehicle for changing the way the future will operate using design.

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