it is my pleasure to introduce the next guest profile! she hails from kansas but proudly calls montreal her new home! please welcome jaclyn into the fold. some amazing shots of the city i miss the most… new york. the best city on earth! thank you jaclyn! kindest regards. m.


i am…
a traveler, preferably by train,
obsessed with photography of all kinds, 
a camera collector, 
trained as an architect,
fanatic for filmmaking, 
distracted by light,
a seeker of simplicity.
always running,
always learning,
always seeing…
seeing in shapes. 
space. light. sound. 
taste. language. characters.

the new york series

when i’m in new york, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed. it usually takes some time for my eyes to adjust to the bright city lights and constant motion whizzing by me. 
but after a day or so of shooting everything i see with my iphone, i’m ready to take out my nikon d90 or whatever film camera i have with me. 
then i just let the city take me, absorbing everything…sounds, smells, people, languages. i feed off of the energy and i start to see things no one else sees. and i feel like i know something so secret that no one else knows. 
then it’s just me, my camera, and the city. the shots come to me.

i do light color balance or cropping in lightroom, but i like to experiment with overexposing, slow shutter speeds and shooting directly into light
i also love a multiple exposure, so i like to fake it sometimes by shooting reflections.


Ai Weiwei in Berlin