creative photographic process resulting in both realism and abstraction. m.

Lasse Hoile is a renowned Danish graphic artist, photographer, and filmmaker, perhaps best known for his work designing CD covers and live visuals for artists and bands such as Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree. Driven by an innate desire to create, Hoile has explored several integrated art forms, but deems photography “the one medium for me.” His photography is characterized by a heavy, dream-like atmosphere, often mixing bright colors with dark imagery to produce wavering sensations of sadness and fear. Some of the portraits featured here are splattered with paint, partially obscuring the ghost-eyed subjects, all of whom are wearing old-looking clothing. Light is also used to accent the body, infusing vintage imagery with alien neon glows. No matter what time periods or art movements Hoile adapts and experiments with, his work is seamlessly evocative, marked at the center with his signature melancholic style.

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