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Every day, what we wear contains us: our bodies, our personalities, our moods, and our energies. Clothes are a benign trap that holds in what we choose not to expose. By concealing what we do not want to show and providing a safe shelter for our inner lives, clothes are the permeable frontier between ourselves and the world around us. This deceptively simple concept of clothing as a second layer of skin is the launching point for the exploratory journey that is “Intimacy is Space”, Pan Jin’s collection.

Pan Jin, a New York-based designer, takes the concept of clothing as a second skin to a new level with her beautiful, often unstructured, pieces that play with the idea of a new sphere: the impenetrable space between the clothes and the body. Pan, who was trained at the prestigious Parsons School of Design, is particularly interested in this ephemeral realm where absolute intimacy becomes trapped.

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