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nuan studio has won the competition to design oslo‘s cultural center for norwegian waterfront (CCNW), a contemporary building that will incorporate a new public square, exhibition spaces, a library, and an auditorium. the proposal draws from the country’s mountainous landscapes and icy waterfalls, with all its elements wrapped elegantly in a monolithic crystallized glass facade and vertical features that enhance the reference to the ornament quality of frozen waterfalls.

located in the neighborhood of forsvartmuseet (the norwegian armed forces museum) and nasjonallmuseet of arkitektur (the national museum of architecture), which has become a small cultural citadel in oslo, the cultural center for norwegian waterfront (CCNW) will provide new civic spaces, where the local community will be able to share experiences of historical and cultural value. nuan studio‘s winning proposal encloses all spaces in a single glazing screen, while a warm and cozy atmosphere shines through it, contrasting the coldness of the transparent surface and the surrounding environment.

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