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Japanese design studio Nendo has wrapped the facade of an office building with a flat timber grid to help prevent visual voice in Tokyo, Japan.

Nendo’s new office building creates a deep contrast within the existing city fabric by creating a lacework-like pattern in the facade, also helping more physical experience between inside and outside.

Situated in the Kojimachi neighbourhood in central Tokyo, the eleven-story office building is made of cut-out volumes that are arranged irregularly. By considering the environmental conditions throughout the building, the studio scattered the building’s program accordingly. Called Kojimachi Terrace, the studio completed both architecture and the interior design of the office building.

“Typical office buildings are usually built as closed-off blocks with artificial climate control that do not share any real physical connection with their exterior environments,” said Nendo.

“Therefore, in the “Kojimachi Terrace” design, the external elements were taken into account to allow for a more physical experience of the outdoors, like witnessing the changing weather and yearly seasons.”

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