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An installation by Malene Landgreen at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark 2009
Curated by Maria Gadegaard

My work derives meaning from the fact that the uncertain, abstract, unformulated, chaotic and inharmonious, no less than the well-ordered, well-considered and flawless, always relates proportionally to something else.”

”No matter how incomprehensible and untrappable it might be, indeed precisely because it is. It’s all about relations and proportions. that applies in art, in architecture and in life”.

An essential choice in the in-situ-projects is that none of the work can be separated from its surroundings rather becoming an integrated part of the space and architecture. The more abstract part of context — not unlike the changing light conditions or the spectators’ movement in and around the space — is an essential factor in projects. The paintings are erratic — co-existing inside the space in which they are situated.

Malene Landgreen has moved far beyond the conventional frames of painting. We witnessed this most recently in the to the wall exhibition in Kunsthal Charlottenborg and at Arena in Århus Kunstbygning, where Landgreen’s work unfolded over several walls. With her enduring, site-specific projects at places such as Ålborg Airport, Novo Nordisk, Frederiksberg Gymnasium and Danmarks Radio City in Ørestaden, Landgreen has painted on the grand scale and established herself as one of the most sought-after artists in Denmark when it comes to focussing on our everyday surroundings.

Colours are Malene Landgreen’s vocabulary, and it is through their relations to volume that she ‘speaks out’. She invites us to a dialogue in potential mental spaces where there is room for the spectator. In Kunsthal Charlottenborg, too, her art sets up an interplay between the architecture, the space and the light. Here the space, the building and the art are unfolded and new abstract stories told that enclose the body as if one had entered an enormous book about the artist.


An Installation by Malene Landgreen at Esbjerg Kunstmuseum, Denmark 2010
Photos by: Anders Sune Berg

Red Blue Motion Totem is the name of the exhibition which was created in celebration of the 100th birthday of Danish painter Richard Mortensen. m in her home country Denmark.

“With her giant wall-paintings combined with mirrored columns Malene Landgreen pays tribute to the expressive work of the jubilee and created an optical illusion which dissolves the central perspective and splits the space into striking colour fields — one could call it ’3d- cubism’.”

The work of art sets out from a point of movement and action, rather than stagnation or meditation. The work in situ, sets out to fit the space taking point of departure in the very unique atmosphere and architectonic details of the space.

Contrasting and dynamic colour combinations alternate toward both the formal and more free and playful gestures.


Ben Brace: Landscape Architect, Australia