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The renovation of a shop into a gallery and jeweler’s atelier explores the idea of room within a room. Located in the ground floor of a middle scale residential building in a residential and commercial neighborhood, the store has two floors: one in the street level and the other in the underground.

Our proposal distributes the store and the atelier in a way in which both can interact in the same space whereas maintaining certain independency one from the other. This is why the atelier is a “small room” in the store, which is subtly separated by means of a step, lower height, change of material and a curtain.

In this way, while the store functions as an open space of exhibition, reflections and transparencies –configured by the presence of a series of cabinets and panels that hang from the ceiling, limiting and expanding the space- the atelier is instead a wooden niche that tries to provide the necessary protection and privacy for the work of the jeweler.

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Daoíz y Velarde Cultural Center by Rafael de La-Hoz