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Curvaceous timber walls form the whole interior of two museum shops inside Jean Nouvel’s National Museum of Qatar in Doha, which opened in March. Presenting a cave-like interior, the shelves are naturally being part of the timber walls that present smooth and fluid surfaces for visitors.

Designed by Australian architecture firm Koichi Takada Architects, the architects created this sinuous interior to show ” a poetic” narrative of the Qatari history. “The designs are an embodiment of the Qatari history, the beginnings of the trade, nomadic lifestyle and beautiful natural environment,” said the architects.

The interiors of the two shops are only one of the studio’s projects completed until now, the studio will open three restaurants later this year. The overall form of the interiors was designed to complement the organic design of National Museum of Qatar.

Described as “desert-scapes”, the concept was carefully curated to create a local cultural experience for visitors, while bowing to Jean Nouvel’s architectural masterpiece.

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