extremely creative work — kudos! m.

Architectural models are fascinating enough. Nevertheless the work of the German educated graphic designer Jens Reinert offers some new perspectives on our architectural surroundings. Instead of complete buildings Reinert models their fragments or visualises the volumes of subterranean spaces — it seems he builds “negatives” of architecture we ususally only perceive from the inside.

Some of Jens Reinert’s work will be showcased within the soon-to-open exhibition ‘Realstadt — Wishes Knocking on Reality’s Doors’ in Berlin — a selection of around 300 utopian and realistic architectural and planning models and 80 exemplary projects from all over Germany which desribe the desire for rethinking our concept of urban living. The exhibition will be open from October 2, 2010 to November 28, 2010 at Kraftwerk Mitte, Berlin.

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Black by Dennis Veldman