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Green-house is a home for plants that provides a luminous environment. The challenge of this project is to house both plants and humans under the same roof in a subtropical climate with suitable materials and design.

The project is being located on a gentle slope in Southern Taiwan. We use light weight steel frames that are commonly used in agricultural infrastructures to accommodate programs such as café and restaurant. The layout of the space attempts to challenge the traditional notion of interior and exterior by creating a sense of enclosure where the nature and the mankind are coexisting.

We use double-skin technique for both roof and façade to control the thermal issue. The use of polycarbonate panels on the exterior façade redefines the interaction between nature and architecture. The PMMA material can filter most of the UV rays and direct sunlight, it then diffuses them into gentle ambient lighting which will create a sense of purity and weightlessness. As for the interior walls, we have used translucent corrugated panels to keep the room well lit and to blur the boundary between man-made features and nature by enclosing the indoor activities within natural environment. The lightings and the materiality allows the interactions within and out of the building become more lively and interesting.

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