creative minimalist design — wonder what the neighbors think?! m.

“Built in a German town among many more traditional houses, this family dwelling by Finckh Architekten is made tall and thin to fit comfortably on a long townhouse-style lot. A very minimal yet comfortable construction, the four-level house is built partially within a hillside to diminish its profile from each end, and is comprised almost entirely of concrete, glass, and glossy white panels. From below the hillside, the house has a smooth three-story facade, dominated by its glass window area. Though this arrangement may seem to compromise privacy in such a populated area, built-in curtains are used in each room to close them off if need be, and essential private rooms (such as bathrooms) are kept inside away from the windows. In addition, the house’s side panels are opaque, allowing light through to passively illuminate and heat the building by day. Though it’s a definitively modern construction, the home’s design is minimal enough to stand out architecturally without attracting too much attention from passers-by.”

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Rounded Loft by A1Architects