after so many years of work i’m stoked to see this historic retrofit take shape. m.

hamburg’s elbphilharmonie concert hall has moved a step closer to completion after the application of its ‘white skin’ interiors. designed by swiss architects herzog & de meuron, the venue is set to open on january 11, 2017. as part of the construction process, final work is still being carried out on the 6,000 square meter wall and ceiling cladding. this also involves the installation of the organ, which is currently underway.

after construction began in 2007, the project targeted an initial completion date of 2010. the scheme’s elevated 4,000 square meter plaza will open to the public in november 2016, with the concert hall to open two months later.
‘we are now well on schedule,’ commented hamburg senator for culture prof. barbara kisseler. ‘this has been the result of excellent collaboration between all stakeholders since the project was completely reorganized a good three years ago. while we will be able to enjoy the stunning sound in the elbphilharmonie hamburg in a little less than a year, it is clear even now that the elbphilharmonie is establishing itself as an architectural jewel in hamburg.’

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Sitooterie II by Heatherwick Studio