intriguing — immersive — etherial light installation. m.

hilippe parreno orchestrates an experiential installation at park avenue armory.

for his largest work in the U.S. to date, philippe parreno turns new york’s park avenue armory into an experiential, evolving and site-specific process. the installation explores the potential of an art exhibition as a singular object, rather than a collection of individual works.
parreno radically seeks to redefine the traditional gallery-visitor-encounter by constructing a scripted scene that includes a series of constantly-changing events. within the monumental interior of the wade thompson drill hall, the dynamic grouping of happenings around the space fuse sound — both recorded and performed live by mikhail rudy — film, light, apparitions, and memory. these various elements guide the viewer’s experience through and perception of the vast site. the visitor is taken on a sensory journey through both parreno’s existing projects and new works that turn the building into a perpetually evolving organism.

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