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Following his “Abstract Compass” exhibition in Hong Kong, Futura returns with a new solo presentation in Singapore entitled “CONSTELLATION.” The show marks the legendary graffiti artist’s debut in Southeast Asia as the NYC-based is gearing up to present 30 original works that feature his unmissable abstract motifs and space-inspired symbology.

Futura will also launch a 150-page catalog that provides further details of the works to be displayed at the exhibition. The book will be encased in a bespoke military ammo box alongside a durable, commemorative canvas portage. “The ammo box takes cues from Futura’s personal history with the US Navy and acknowledges the impact this seminal moment had on his aesthetic approach. The box set references Futura’s first visit to Singapore in 1974 as a member of the US Navy, and his return today as a ‘commanding energy’ in the world of art,” said The Culture Story, the organization behind the event.

Following the exhibition, there will be a 20-minute mini-documentary on Futura that will premiere for one night at The Projector movie theater on June 1. The film chronicles the artist’s creative journey, signature techniques, and interviews with fellow artists STASH, CRASH, DAZE, and COCO144.

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Rudong Culture Center by TJAD