yet another beautiful light and space project by turrell. m.

the lush green botanical gardens of culiacan, mexico is the recently inaugurated home of james turrell‘s immersive work ‘encounter‘, the first public skyspace in latin america. renowned for forming perceptual light experiences that create an atmosphere of reflection and introspection, turrell has realized ‘encounter’ specifically for the site’s natural setting.

the intimate observatory bears an elliptical shape, which visitors enter through a narrow aperture set within a grassy dome. once inside, an opening at the crown of the chamber allows viewers to experience the interaction between the evolving colors of the sky, and the changing, luminous hues projected on a circular orb surrounding. the altered perspective intensifies the effect that the tonal range between dawn and dusk innately generates in our conscience and human awareness.

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Graphic Design and Interiors by Espluga + Assoc