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“Our approach in this set of surveys has been to consider objects as texts that draw us into stories, which are waiting to be interpreted whether consciously or otherwise. By producing a sort of literary criticism of these tales, we have sought to flag up the idea that design’s value extends well beyond the mere function of everyday objects. However, in doing so, it has been important to remember that these texts-objects are not sim ply everyday things that produce sen sations and symbolism; they are also technical products, commodities, consumer goods and status symbols. In this collection of snapshots that can help to reveal the state of the art in the relationship between Italian industry and design, there is no claim to swan around like water diviners drawing conclusions, or even more presumptuously steering manufacturing. Rather, we have set out to offer new stimuli that may kindle curiosity and enthusiasm, which are the preconditions for research, innovation and hence the future.”

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Equis Outdoor Furniture by MermeladaEstudio for Oi Side