Aloha! We are an award winning Hawaii based Global Creative Collaborative owned and operated by Michael Ammerman, Architect & Creative Director and Dmitry Ksendzovsky, Director of Technology & Business Development.

We are an agile and diverse studio with over 50 years of experience in our respected fields. We cover a vast range of creativity in both digital and physical projects, platforms, applications and campaigns to create truly inspiring experiences.

Our work also covers an extremely wide spectrum of Disciplines and Mediums from Architecture and Product Design to Web Design, User Interface Design and Mobile Applications. Also we are an industry leader in Identity, Branding and all forms of Print Collateral.

We work quite different than the typical “Branded” studios that are driven on fee based formulas. We head up each and every project at a Senior Level; meaning we provide services that are unmatched by other studios which utilize various levels of experience to keep in line with a production and fee based model.

We focus on each Clients Objectives and our Success is directly connected to the Success of the clients we have the pleasure to team up with. If you can dream it up we would love to make it a reality! 






Apple. Chase. Nortel. Oracle. Bank of America. Nobu. Lasserre. Ungaro. David Edward. Evian. Target. Samsung.



Corporate. Hospitality. Government. Education. Retail. Fashion. Technology.



Renderings of our Downtown Hilo Hawaii Studio and Gallery Currently Under-Development



Some of the reasons
clients choose us ─

Senior Director Engagement
One will never be handed off to other less experienced individuals as we like to leverage our knowledge and expertise day in and day out. We believe in the experience we have and staying completely involved is part of creating the absolute best outcome. Clients are relationships and we love what we do.
Innovation and Pragmatism
We provide Limitless Innovation without boundaries while maintaining  an ever-growing knowledge base and advancing our skill sets.
Awards and Solutions
Awards, Publications and Press are quite rewarding but Creating a Timeless Progressive Design Solution developed specifically for each individual client is our gauge of true Success. When our clients Succeed we know we created the greatest possible Solution.

Whatever your needs, we’re looking forward
to hearing from you ─